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Roofers – What Is Your 2022 Digital Marketing Strategy?

Though roofing businesses provide services for customers offline, within a local community, digital marketing for roofing companies should be an essential part of business strategy planning because customers look online for their local service providers.

Knowing this, what should your strategy for digital marketing for roofers entail?

Here are the top ideas to encompass in your roof company digital marketing strategy for 2022!

  • Website and Content Optimization - An attractive, functional website that is optimized to be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and SEO compliant is the first essential key for successful digital marketing for roof companies. Optimized content in various forms that provides value to potential customers and keeps them coming back should be continuously added.
  • Brand and Reputation Management - From logo and web page design and colors to brand-building and exposure methods, digital marketing for roofers must strive to get the word out while also tracking what people are saying and managing public feedback.
  • Business Directories and Social Media - Like all service businesses, a key point of an online marketing strategy revolves around claiming and developing business profiles on leading business directory and social media websites and keeping them active.
  • Online Advertising - SEO is an important part of a good roofing company digital marketing strategy, but so is some paid advertising on a local scale. Similarly, building up promotional marketing mailing lists for targeting and retargeting is another effective method of gaining and retaining local customers.
  • Online Business Tools - In this digital age, service businesses must also do more with the digital tools that are available to them, from effective estimation and invoicing applications to online client-based appointment schedulers, text, chat, and more. Companies that embrace technology in the same ways that their customers are using it seem more reputable and capable.

Though every digital marketing strategy for roofers will differ slightly depending on the individual service, their location, and the type of work performed, these are five essential points that every marketing strategy should cover.

As arduous and confusing as much of this may seem, roofing contractors can appreciate all the benefits of an effective roofers digital marketing strategy by partnering with a digital marketing firm that understands their needs.

Great digital marketing for roofing companies can be easily achieved by leaving it to the experts while staying focused on providing great work, and great customer service.

Make 2022 the year that your roofing service climbs to the top of the search results when you implement a great digital marketing strategy!