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What Are Some Essential Digital Marketing Trends in 2022?

Every year, digital marketing management becomes more and more challenging as the number of competitors out there increases.

This year has been no different, with marketing trends in 2022 shifting to accommodate the continuous growth of commerce being carried out online as we move toward a more digital world.

Considering this increasing trend of doing business online and the greater need to be noticed, here are what digital marketing services point out as some essential digital marketing trends that should be included in every online marketing strategy!

  • Mobile Marketing - By this point in time, digital marketing companies stress that every business should be well established with an effective, user-friendly mobile website and other mobile-focused methods. Google estimates that 61% of online purchases are made using smartphones, an all-time high that keeps rising since the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to a great mobile-friendly website, companies can use SMS marketing, email marketing, and even social media marketing to ensure they are seen while mobile.
  • Video Marketing - Advertising on YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram Reels is another essential way for any company to get its message out to targeted users. Due to the virality that can happen on these platforms, digital marketing services find them to be a must for rounding out an effective digital marketing strategy.
  • Ecommerce Sites - Beyond just having a mobile-friendly website, businesses can do well by paying for marketing ads on sites with ecommerce platforms designed specifically for selling. Sales listings on Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sites that offer direct selling are another important consideration for great digital marketing management in 2022 as more people look for easier ways to buy online.
  • Niche Marketing - As the number of small, niche businesses have also exploded lately, so has the need to focus on niche marketing and effective audience targeting. Niche marketing grows specialty businesses by building a community around them, then expanding outward into more general markets.
  • Automation - Nurturing leads and remarketing to interested customers is more important than ever and one of the easiest ways to do it is with automation. Digital marketing companies use marketing automation in the forms of automated email campaigns, newsletters, chatbots on websites to answer common customer questions, lead retargeting, and many other ways to keep a company’s name in front of interested audiences, increasing the chances of making them actual customers.

As digital marketing management has become more important each year, digital marketing services must progress with the techniques that are becoming more popular and generating the most results.

With huge success coming from strategies like video marketing, mobile SMS marketing, niche marketing, and buying ads on social and ecommerce sites, these are the techniques that will bring greater marketing success in 2022.